Basic Guide of Buying a Luxurious Blanket

When at bedtime biting cold makes us literally shiver, then we just want to have some snug blanket to add some extra warmth to our bed. As the blanket remains sandwiched in between bed-sheets and comforters, so we neglect their presence in bed. But the real warmth comes from the luxury blankets. They create an extra chamber that always makes us feel warm.

So when you are choosing a blanket keep in mind that it is not only about picking up the best color and size. It travels far to choose the right one that will go with your lifestyle and helps you to have a tight sleep. We often make the mistake of picking up the bright one huge without thinking about the quality.

To buy a blanket is not all about color and size that will go with your mattress but a little more. Although it is not at all a tough job, still little things need to be considered. Now you might be thinking what are they?  Without any further delay let’s discuss the matter in detail.

Proper Size

If you are planning to buy a blanket for your bed then it must be long enough to cover the full. As well as some portion of it needs to be left to be tucked on the sides. Though the blanket sizes vary from company to company, still we can roughly get a length by width sizes idea, like

  • 90”×65” Twin blankets.
  • 90”×85” Full or Queen blankets
  • 90”×90” Queen blankets
  • 90”×110” King blankets

Before you are choosing a blanket, get the idea about the size of your mattress. Then it will be much easier for you to pick up the proper blanket.

Comfortable material

You need to be careful while you are deciding on the material. Blankets are available in many fabrics and each of the fabrics is beneficial in different ways. You need to judge which will be fit according to your necessity.

Let’s discuss different blanket materials and their benefits:

  • Cotton: These blankets are very easy to hold and wash friendly. It is a better choice for those who have allergy-related problems. Lightweight cotton blankets are very good to use in summer. You can take the heavy one which is warm enough for winter. Organic cotton blankets are also there for eco-friendly people. Those people, who prefer a green lifestyle, can easily have them. 
  • Wool: Wool is a bit weighty, warm enough, and excellent in resistance. At the same time, it helps the moisture to vaporize. So if you want your blanket to be heavy and warm together, woolen blankets are the best one. But if you are allergy-prone then you should avoid it.  
  • Down: It has similarity with a down comforter but not the same. They are thinner and lighter. They are made of feather or synthetic material, hidden between the fabrics. Some people have an allergy to a feather. So they are advised to go for synthetic down. 
  • Cashmere: They are very elegant and soft, warm, and silky smooth. These types of blankets are very costly. So everyone can’t afford them.
  • Synthetics: Different types of synthetic materials are used for blankets. Among those acrylics, polyester and microfiber are widely involved. These types of blankets are warm without any doubt, but there is a tendency to generate static electric power in them. So, naturally, they attract hair, threads, and dust. Lower range synthetics often have pilling, so they need cotton covers. But in comparison with other materials, they are affordable.
  • Fleece: Super comfortable with added warmth yet lightweight, fleece, and micro-fleece blankets are extremely adorable for the children. Fleece material has a quick moisture-absorbent capacity. So it is the best choice to use in the bed of children. 
  • Vellux:  This is popular as ‘Hotel blankets’. They are made up of a layer of thin foam at the center, with nylon plush and velvety material around them. These blankets can be cleaned and washed repeatedly even at high temperatures. They are hypo-allergenic, so anyone with allergies can easily use them.


If you have a comfortable blanket, you need not care about the temperature. If sometimes the temperature falls extremely low then also your sleep will not be disturbed.  Your blankets, therefore, need to be heat resistant.

Check the weaving

The warmth and weight of the blankets not only depend on their material but also on their weave.

  • Thermal: It is a loose kind of weave usually seen in cotton blankets. They help to circulate air within. They are extremely lightweight and too good to use in summer.
  • Knit:  Generally woolen or synthetic blankets are woven by this process. They are comfortable, heavy, and warm.
  • Quilted: Down blankets are especially quilted. They are extremely light in weight, but they don’t help the moisture to evaporate.
  • Conventional: These types of blankets are woven very tightly. The weave is very good to resist body temperature.

Electric Blankets

The room electric heating system, electric blankets are made up of synthetic fabrics. You can adjust the heat of blankets according to your need. Some blankets have dual control options, ideal for two people sharing the same blanket. But you need to be very careful while using it. Don’t place any comforter or blanket at the upper side of these blankets. Another important thing is that, keep them away from the child’s or baby’s room.

Final words:

Are you planning to change your blanket? But till now I could not make it happen. Then this article is a boon for you. Isn’t it? 

We have provided all information about the things you need to care about while choosing a blanket. Now you need to just follow the steps. First, measure your mattress to have an idea about the size you will need. Then decide the fabrication part as per your budget. Don’t choose the allergy-prone materials if you have allergies. So now you are all set to have a luxurious blanket. 

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