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How To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business.

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We all know more or less about email and we all use it like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc but many of us don’t know what email marketing is. So today we will discuss it in a very simple way and teach you how to use email marketing to grow your business.

What is Email Marketing?

At first, we don’t know what email marketing is. Email marketing is the process by which you deliver a business message to a specific group of people via email. Simply put, when you send the same email to many people at once, that is email marketing. But keep in mind that you can’t do email marketing with Gmail, Yahoo Mail Outlook Mail because these are public mails and you can’t send more than 500 emails a day with this mail.

So for email marketing, you need a separate system that you have to buy Google Voice Old Accounts and understand at a very low price. You may not know that of all the digital marketing in the world, email marketing is the one that is doing the least and the most effective. So whatever the buying issue is now away before we learn how it actually works.

What do you need to do email marketing?

Email List or Subscriber List: To do email marketing you need to have your own email list of the people you will send emails to and they will be your subscribers or customers or people who are interested in your product or service. Now you can say what is actually a subscriber? For example, the people who are interested in getting your service or product and have given you their email address to get updates of your service or product are your subscribers. So if you want to do email marketing, you must have the email address of your customers who are interested in your product or service but remember never to buy an email address. Many people in the market sell fewer email addresses, for example, the price of 1 lakh emails is 5000 rupees. You should never buy these email addresses and never try to do marketing by forgetting to buy. Otherwise, the result will be bad. I will discuss at the end what will be bad.

Email Templates: When you send your emails to 10,000 people at once, you need to have a beautifully designed template where you can write your business message and send it to the customer. If the template of your email is not beautiful, then many people will not see you after opening the email. This will not be the success of your email marketing. Email templates are available online for free. If you know the design, you can make it or buy it. Email templates are available much less online.

A nice message: In addition to the email template, you need to have a nice message that you can put in the email template and send it to your customer or subscriber. Your beautiful message will turn your subscribers into customers.

Email Sending System: The most important thing about email marketing is the email marketing sending system or server. If you do not have a good email sending system, then even if you have all the above discussed, your email marketing will not be of any benefit. All your emails will go to your customer or subscriber’s spam box. We all know that we rarely check the email of the spam box. We first check the inbox of the email and see the promotion box. Suppose you sent 1 lakh with a bad email sending system, out of which 99000 emails went to this spam box. If this is the case then maybe your email marketing is not working. It will be a waste of both your time and money.

Email Flow Chart

Now you can tell why using a bad email sending system will go to the spam box? This is done by SMTP of the bad email sending system. (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is not reported when you use their SMTP. Email marketing using, your subscriber or customer’s Gmail Yahoo Mail l then Gmail Yahoo Mail will see these emails sent is a bad and non-reputed SMTP. From those who regularly spam, Gmail Yahoo Mail will not send your mail to your inbox but to your customer or subscriber and spam box.

A beautiful website:

You need to have your own website for email marketing because if you don’t have a website, how do you get a subscriber’s email address? How to buy your product or service online. So yours is a beautiful one

Must have Responsive and Dynamic Website where Email Option Option is available

Website visitors will voluntarily give you their email address if they wish to do your email marketing. In doing so, he authorized you to send emails to his email. Do you remember at the beginning of this discussion I said that you should never buy an email list and do marketing when you buy an email list but you did not get the approval of the owners of those emails to send emails to their emails so when you email without their approval When he sees that an email has arrived in his email inbox that he is not interested in the service or product or company, he will subscribe to that email or give it in the spam box?

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