Must-Have Linen Shirts For Men To Sport This Season

It’s time to welcome the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! But it’s also time to endure the underarm patches and sweaty back stains, yes, the season comes with its own heatwave induced hardships, for sure! Our only relief comes from the cool and calm airy-feeling linen shirts for men. Due to their low thread count, the material can feel so light and breathable. They are much more suited for the humid summer days than other heavier fabrics that don’t absorb moisture as much.

We know that the material’s tendency to crease can be a pain. But there are many ways to work your way around the wrinkles. There are more formal choices that come in linen-cotton blends. These blended fabrics are marvelous when it comes to keeping the wrinkles and creases at bay. And if you prefer to opt for pure linen shirts only, you can either learn to polish off your ironing skills or just embrace the creases! When it comes to casual attire, a slightly wrinkled linen shirt just adds to the laid-back visual appeal.

And when it comes to styling options, there are so many versatile ways to dress up or dress down a linen shirt. Wear it under a stylish suit or a smart pair of chinos or your favorite pair of summer shorts! From formal to casual wear, let us help you find the best linen shirts that definitely must have their own place in your summer closet this season!

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Striped & Sleek Looking

A light-hued linen shirt with some stripes to add a bit of colour and pop looks heavenly for a picnic outdoors or for a casual Friday workday at the office. The loose and relaxed fit can put your mind at ease about having a few wrinkles here and there. And they just add to the whole look! Pair them with some solid light or dark bottoms or under a monochromatic suit, and you will be the talk of the town. Not to mention, you will feel lighter than ever.

Checks for All

Checkered patterns may seem like they are better suited for the winter. Still, something about a lightweight linen shirt really makes it work for those extra-hot summer days, too! Go for a light pattern like a soft blue, grey, or yellow. A red and white checkered pattern is our absolute favorite for any day! It adds a certain amount of effortless cool, and smart ease to your summer outfit.

Solid Basics

We must always, first and foremost, invest in our essentials. A nice solid and plain white or soft blue linen shirt is undoubtedly essential for any kind of attire. Most importantly, it is a quintessential item to have in your formal wear closet. Go for ones with a crisp collar and long sleeves. They will go great under a grey or beige suit, and you can roll them at the elbows for a more laid-back and casual look. Do you see how beneficial this timeless staple is?

Fun Prints

We know the feeling, every time you open your closet, you are tired of staring at just basic colours and stripes and checks. Why not go for some fun prints instead? You can choose to go for patterns that are as loud or subtle as you like. Some palm trees or flowers, or little florets can look really fresh when paired with the right counterparts to balance the entire outfit!

Not a Shirt

Though, technically, we won’t call it your typical button-down linen shirt. On the days when you are looking for something really comfortable to opt for, go for a linen polo shirt. The fabric is much more breathable and lighter as compared to a regular polo shirt. You can wear it by the pool or the golf course. If you are hoping to upgrade your casual summer wardrobe, do give this linen polo shirt a try!

How to Treat Your Linen Shirt Right

When it comes to washing your linen shirts, you can machine wash them on a delicate or a short cycle. Opt for a cold-water wash and rinse as it will help preserve the soft fabric and add to its durability. If you would really want to make the most of this breezy closet staple, handwash your shirts in cold water only.

Please don’t go for harsh chemical laundry detergents while washing linen clothing; they can ruin the texture and make it scruffy. Use a mild (if possible, natural) detergent that is specially formulated for soft materials only. Do remember to separate out the whites and the colors, new linen items tend to bleed very quickly in the wash!

Please be sure to only air-dry all your linen clothing. Lay your shirts out on a drying rack or a padded hanger. If you must use the dryer for laundry, you can tumble dry your linen items on low for five minutes to loosen out any creases. But remove them immediately after and lay them on a hanger or out flat so they can fully dry. Don’t wring your shirts out to remove excess water! Carefully roll each shirt with a towel to remove excess water.

Now that you see how comfortable, versatile, and stylish linen shirts for men can be, we hope you are all ready to pick one out for yourself! From checks to stripes to plain tees or prints, which ones are you going to get your hands on? Also, let us know about your own must-have linen picks for the season. When it’s about strolling out (or staying in) during the hot summer days, we just can’t get enough of linen!

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