Retro Style Tips: A Journey into the Past

Retro styles come in and out of fashion regularly. But it is safe to say that some form of retro will always be in style. The influence of past decades can almost always be seen in the latest trends. This is also true in case of celebrity looks, as celebs occasionally turn to the styles of the 20s’, 40s’, or 50s’ for inspiration. And summer is definitely a time where we see retro styles re-emerge the most. So, here below we will journey into the past to take tips for the future of fashion. Here we have retro style tips that are chic and trendy for 2020.

Luxurious and Glittery Chic

The main fashion trends still in style that come from the fashion of the 20’s are through the accent of flapper style. What we take from this is today is both fringe and shine. When use tastefully, fringe is definitely in, and embellishments are also in when used carefully. I mean, they really knew how to accessorize and embellish in the 1920’s. One especially vivid example of the looks of the 20’s is illustrated within the images of the popular film “The Great Gatsby’, presented to the audience in 2013, in which the main actress Carey Mulligan can be found with looks exceptionally typical of those times. What makes them differ from the other decades’ options is the super sumptuous details accompanying the garments. They could be put as bows, draping designs, floral appliqués, and sumptuous fur elements. In addition, ladies picked some super luxurious and lavish jewelry for their party looks, in order to be ultimately blinding. The wide range of headwear accessories was also a remarkable part of their looks. So were the short haircuts like finger wavy bobs and pixies.

So, when brought into today’s time, let’s let the styling of the 1920’s, the fringe, and the embellishments hint in our style of today without overpowering it. And, of course, we will take inspiration from the short hairstyles of that time, too.

Let the Color Shine

After this glitter-driven period, the color plays, especially frequent with bright shades, became quite popular for the fashion trends. The war-centered 40s’ saw the rise of bright colors and loud fashion. Think about the signature pin-up hairstyles for instance, accompanied by dresses with many ruffle details and skirts and dresses that poofed out over the hips. The make up trends were bright and colorful, showcasing classic shades of red for lips and rosy cheeks.

Today, we should take the shapes of the garments from this period and the ruffled accents as part of our retro style, as they are always in. Plus, classic red lips and cat-eyes are remnants of the 40’s that have transcended time. Some hints of this style may be observed in the looks of popular singer Christina Aguilera, especially in case of the pin up hairstyle. So, let the garment shapes of the 40’s, along with the hair and makeup of that time, inspire your future looks.

Let the Classic Chic In

Further through time, in the 1950s, we can see a comparative comeback of the 20s’ principles to some extent, namely in case of the return of headwear details, which become an integral part of fashion again. For this period, the emergence of monochrome and bright color interpretations for garments may be seen, the complementary accessories for which were the gloves. The dresses and skirts encompassed ruffled, pleated, and straight shapes like tubes and pencils, generally cut at knee level. One of the most explicit embodiments of those times’ elegance is Dita Von Teese, who can be observed with more and more feminine, yet retro inspired looks, having all the descriptive elements of those times, at the same time not omitting the modern influence, either.

To incorporate 50’s style into your modern routine, look at stores such as Tatyana and take their looks as inspiration. Say ‘yes’ to ruffles, hair accessories, and pencil skirts.

So here were some general retro styles and tips for the retro inspired looks. This trend, like any other in the fashion world, is capable of presenting you with flawless looks, in case of being implemented and matched correctly. Be sure to look to the past to be inspired for your future fashions.

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