The Best Prints and Patterns For Women

Fashion perfection is reached when an outfit is successfully chosen, mixed, matched, and styled. In other words, pairing together the right patterns, prints, and pieces is what can give you the perfect look. In this post, we are going to talk about the best prints and patterns for plus size women, which can give the ultimate glam when paired appropriate together. We are going to break the misconceptions on this topic, as well, and give you the facts.

For instance, we automatically think that horizontal stripes are a “no-no” for plus-sized women while vertical stripes will always work for them. However, this isn’t true. It’s all dependent upon the exact combinations of clothing paired together.

Vertical Stripes for Plus Size Women
So, we will start with vertical stripes. We should first of all note that not every vertically-striped pattern is able to help you look slimmer and cuter. If you are going to go with vertical stripes, we would recommend concentrating on just one contrasting pairing, made of a single big stripe on the center, for instance. This will draw attention to that single stripe, thus creating the effect of looking slimmer. The option with multiple stripes, on the contrary, can have the opposite effect if you eyes are drawn to various locations on the garment. You can include two or more shades in this color play, creating a vivid color contrast with one shade put in the center and with the rest of the garment to the sides in a darker neutral color that will naturally make you look more slim.

Horizontal Stripes for Plus Size Women
In the case of horizontal stripes, we have a totally different idea than the known stereotype. Having two big stripes placed on the center of your body will roughly split up your figure into two sections, and this doesn’t always flatter. But if you have multiple stripes, they will work incredibly well in terms of accentuating your figure from the best angles and helping you look taller and slimmer.

Other Print and Patterns for Plus Size Women
Other prints that work extremely well for plus-sized ladies consist of any medium-sized prints and designs. You don’t want any prints that are too small, but you definitely don’t want any large prints, as they can divide up the body in strange ways that look unflattering. Because of this, cute floral patterns almost always look great, as well as leopard prints and medium-sized polka dots. You also want to make sure you style your printed look well with matching jewelry that can distract the eye and bring it to a single focal point.

Thus, here were the basic fashion tips you may opt for in case you’re in search of the best options for print-and-pattern solutions. Following these basic know-hows, and you will really stun everyone! Now, go out there, and be chic!

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