Top 8 Cities to Get the Best Tattoos

How many of you crave traveling and are tattoo lovers? If you are both, then this read will be a roller coaster ride for you as you’ll get to know top cities where you can get the best tattoos. These places have crossed the limits of creativity and innovations and are more than enough to inspire. After having a full read you’ll surely be easy deciding where to go first. Let us have a tour around the globe!

1.      London, UK

You can have an everlasting reminder of the London trip a sits the historical architecture and festivities. London tattoos have global recognition for their creative artistry and commitment to the craft. The special part of the tattoos in London is the blending of tenacious street style and ancient art history that is a complete source of aesthetics. Not only their tattoos are powerful but inspiring as well.

Their tattoos have taken the hearts of people around the globe with their various styles and techniques. Servadio is known for its illustrative dark art tattoos, Dan Moreno, and warriors for embodiments of the Japanese and traditional styled tattoos, and Hermione finch for the bold illustrative blackwork tattoos.

2.      Paris, France

The tattoo artist in Paris holds a heritage of art actions that continue to enthuse and influence people out of Paris as well. The artists here are best at fine arts. You can go to Laurent Z if you’re in the mood to have a sacred geometry or illustrative ornamental styling. Gary burns for perfect linework, pierroked for mind-blowing lettering, Easy Sacha for Japanese pieces, and Eva Edelstein is well-known for its beautiful and delicate blooms.

3.      Tokyo, Japan

Technology runs parallel with fashion, modern art, and cat cafes in Tokyo. Many of the tattoo studios without a medical license aren’t allowed to work. But never mind, you’ll going to get plenty of tattoo studios here with a medical license that is keeping alive the cultural art. Japanese tattoo is considered one of the most iconic and essential styles of tattoo.

Tokyo literally has something for every type of tattoo lover. Just go to Ichi Hatano for real Irezumi, Aki of Diablo for anime-inspired tattoos. Don’t forget to check out Hori Benny’s studio in Osaka. iPo tattoo is best to have an illustrative spin on the traditional Japanese tattoos.

4.      Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is best known for its Chicano style. Chuco Moreno is recognized as the pioneers of the reverted cultural art forms. Scott Campbell is a great place to have sacred geometry tattoos that are unbelievably clean so you might misunderstand it with a machine-made tattoo. Soto Gang is well-known for clever and funny portraits of anime-inspired babes.

5.      San Francisco, California

San Francisco is never short of talented tattoo artists. Ocean Avenue is popular to have Americana extraordinaire. Austin maples is another genius tattoo artist for traditional tattoos. It’s no doubt a hard place to beat for artistic talent.

6.      Austin, Texas

Austin will give you the perfect piece of tattoo that you must be looking for. Moon tattoo studio is the best place so far to get an absolutely magical illustrative tattoo. The iron right studio will provide you the best tattoos with a blend of tradition and bright bold colors to last a perfect experience. You may get a variety of designs at tattoo design Inc. customized as per your requirements. Another French tattoo artist, Yorick has highlighted his absolute talent in dark art that too with an illustrative approach.

7.      Portland, Oregon

The tattoo artists of Portland will surely be going to blow your mind. They are quite devoted to their work and will produce perfect recreations of beautiful beetles and precious stones. Some of their artists are nature-inspired and their tattoos are all about sweet animals, flowers, and illustrative neo-traditional style tattoos. Kyle Stacher also is known as Thiefhands, is an artist that loves to portray nature dripping organically all around the body. The tattoo artists at Portland will all prove to you that the city is all about nature and the artists are much inspired by it.

8.      Berlin, Germany

The tattoo artists here in berlin have shown their talent and devotion to this implausible art form of tattooing. Their illustrative tattoos are simply fascinating. The other most famous variety of tattoos in berlin includes the sketchy style, bold blackwork, traditional tattoo all of which are filled with creativity.


These were some of the top cities that you must visit to get yourself your favorite tattoo. They are well known for their unique, creative, and illustrative style that is fascinating to see. People all around the world love their tattoo studio.

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